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 2004 to 2018

YES, I want the digital disks with the complete original set of images from my photo shoot. Please search and rescue my disks and convert them into jpegs, or make prints from my photo shoots from your 2004 to 2018 
image disk archive that is closing December 15.
(Some Proofs/Negatives from 1980-2004 are still available)

As you may remember we closed two of our climate controlled storage archives of DIGITAL portrait and wedding image files taken between 2004 and 2018 over the last few years. There are some sets of your family in our overflow archive that we have not finished clearing out so yours may still be available. Call or email now before ordering if you are interested. 

These image files are full sets and usually include hundreds of images (depending on the session) taken during photo sessions including all the images that were not chosen.  Archive disks include nice alternate poses such as silly faces and smooshie hugs not to mention all the formal portraits and candid photos taken of Weddings, Mitzvahs and Parties. These photos have to be converted from the CAMERA RAW files into the easy to access large digital .jpg format and will be copied onto DVDs or a USB thumb drive.

I have maintained over 500,000 of these digital images on disks since the dawn of digital photography and am making this notice and offer as a courtesy. It is very time consuming to travel off site, and costly to maintain, locate and retrieve old files. If you would like to purchase these complete sets of up to 8x10 printable photos on disks, please act now as we will be removing the files starting next week.  Unfortunately we cannot fit this disk archive in the studio but will retrieve the files if you want them. 

If you would like to order prints but not take the raw files please call now to select images while we can still access the raw file.

Most photographers of the day discarded their proofs, negatives and files after 2 years. I have always felt 2 years was too soon. After all, things change in a twinkling of an eye: photos get lost or damaged, some decide later to get wall prints and people grow older and we lose them. I have much appreciation for you, my clients, and the trust and honor you have placed in me over thirty years to preserve your most cherished of memories with pictures. I love photography and people so much that I wished I could have done it all for free.  However, after spending tens of thousands of dollars to store the older negatives, proofs and early digital images on disks in a climate controlled facility with escalating storage costs, especially if there is no interest in these old images, I am closing the final overflow archive this month BUT I'm not leaving you there. If you choose to take the original files we will search for your digital disks so you can enjoy them at home and I can still make prints for you in the future if you return with the disk, or if you like you can print them up to 8x10 on your own without  the retouching.

Please Note: The DVD disks include full photo session sets of  possibly hundreds of JPEG files converted from the RAW images so you can view and print them but will not be individually cropped, spotted or retouched in any way. We can spot, crop and retouch the images later if you order prints.

You may print from these files for your personal family use but may not sell or use them for any publication, education, commercial, art or other purposes without a written release.

Thank you, all the best-


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